Serving the Catholic Communities of Elizabethtown, Eldorado and Harrisburg Illinois

Prayer For Our Parish Mission

Lord Jesus, in a short time our parish will begin its special time of mission.

Open the hearts and minds of each one of us so that we might receive your word with eager joy.  Let this parish and its members be the "good ground" in which the sower's seed will take deep root and produce an abundant harvest of Christian living.

Bless the missionary who will break open your word for us with his preaching.  May he be a gentle but ardent servant of your good news.

Help us to welcome into our parish community all of those who may feel distant from your loving care.  May our smiles and our witness of faith help them to find you once again.

Through the intercession of Mary, your Mother and first disciple, help us to make this local community of disciples a "light shining on the mountain-top."  May this parish mission strengthen our faith and help us in our desire to serve you until "your kingdom come and your will be done."

We ask you this, confident that you are our Savior, and that you live and reign, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. 



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