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It's Christmas!

When we celebrate birthdays, when we send cards and give gifts, we are saying the person whose birthday we celebrate is important to us.

Jesus Christ came into this world as a tiny baby, not as a grown person, not as an alien from outer space. Though he was God, he took on the human nature, grew up as we all have to do, learning and helping at home.

He prayed, he made friends, he suffered misunderstanding, rejection, humiliation and death. He spoke to us in our own language and our of our own experience.

Jesus brings to us gifts; gifts we call grace, gifts of God’s love and life.  So on his birthday we offer him our thanks and praise, we gather together with family and friends to celebrate his birth. We send cards and gifts to one another following his inspiration of having given so much to us. 

What does Jesus mean to us? That’s what Christmas will mean to us. Christ has influenced our world more than any person has ever been born. Without Jesus there will be no Christmas.  May we find the grace to place Jesus at the center of our Christmas celebrations. 

Merry  Christmas!

Fr. Abraham


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